IABM launches BaM ZoneT - the digital engagement platform for Broadcast, Media & Entertainment

IABM launches BaM ZoneT - the digital engagement platform for Broadcast, Media & Entertainment

IABM today launched the BaM ZoneT IABM BaM Live (bamzone.online) - the digital engagement platform and meeting place for the entire Broadcast, Media & Entertainment industry. 

The BaM ZoneT is designed to be a destination where all IABM members, partners, stakeholders and subscribers can meet, exchange ideas, discuss trends and technologies, collaborate, and access the latest innovations in technology to help them do better business. The BaM ZoneT also offers the ability for participants to set up private meeting rooms, focus groups and even host their own events. 

IABM research has highlighted how much the industry has missed the face-to-face contact that in-person events deliver. However, the industry has also adopted digital communications as a partial 'workaround' - the success of which is leading it to keep using this new way of working in future, alongside in-person, as part of a more efficient and eco-conscious approach post pandemic. As a result of its initiatives to bridge the communications gap during lockdowns, IABM became one of the trusted global sources for the industry, BaM Live!T events being a prime example. The BaM ZoneT builds on this and extends the collaborative, information-sharing spirit of these events into an 'always on' interactive platform for continuous engagement with all the facilities required for people to communicate and get together.

"Business models are rapidly changing to continuous engagement - it naturally follows that relationships will move to being 'always on' as well," said Peter White, CEO at IABM. "In-person regional events will of course continue to play a vital role as cadences within this continuum. The BaM ZoneT is conceived to continue those engagements throughout the year and in every geography.

"This is just the start - I see the BaM ZoneT as a 'home' for the industry; a social hub and communications platform that will develop and grow as people engage and discover the potential it can offer. As the Global Network for MediaTech, IABM's mission is to connect and inform the worldwide MediaTech community; the BaM ZoneT plays perfectly to this ambition."

Visit the BaM ZoneT today at IABM BaM Live (bamzone.online)

About IABM

IABM (www.theiabm.org) is the international trade association for broadcast and media technology. IABM facilitates the important networking and interaction between suppliers that shape and define the unique ecosystem of the broadcast and media technology industry.

IABM supports member companies with a comprehensive range of services across market intelligence, training, technology, exhibitions and best practices - all designed to help them do better business. We hold the interests of member companies as paramount, and strive to provide strong guidance and support at every level in all geographies.

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