Movie Time - A Good Movie Is a Good Movie No Matter Where It's Seen

 "The life we enjoy is very much worth the sacrifice." – Rudolf Hoss, "Zone of Interest," A24, 2023

Shortly after the end of CinemaCon, we were chatting with a friend down in SoCal about the roll–out of A24's action film Civil War because the build–up hype made it a project we both were determined to see.

The big question was how, when do we see it?

At the time of our discussion, it was going to hit the theaters right after the NATO (National Association of Theater Owners) week–long movies for movie houses event, but the thought–piece project was also scheduled to be available later for people to buy for their permanent home library (PVOD). Then, Warner was going to encourage folks to sign up for their Max streaming service to build their subscription base.

Then, at some time in the distant future, it will probably be made available on Prime then Pluto and/or Tubi.

Yeah, we both decided we'd wait to see it on our own screens with our own home popcorn.


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Diversity, Equality Are Coming, Like it or Not

"Okay, the tiniest thing can trigger recall. Sights, sounds, smells. You never know." – Robyn McCall, "Equalizer," Paramount, 2023 – 2024

It takes a lot to get us back into the old TV viewing routine of ensuring we're in front of our big screen at a specific time on a specific day.

But a few months ago, we made it a point to turn on and tune in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) March Madness.

Well, to be honest, we only watched half of the basketball contests – the women's action – which, according to the online NBA chatter, was the only contests folks like LeBron James, Steph Curry, Shaq, Charles Barkley and hordes of others were following.

We know, there was a men's series that was also going on, but it almost seemed like the only folks following their games were the players' relatives.

Suddenly, Disney's ESPN became a must–watch for people for more than just the Super Bowl, breaking a 40–year viewership record.

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Texolve Digital Installs Riedel Communications Equipment Across Pittsburgh's Three Major Sports Venues (Riedel)

Riedel Communications today announced that Texolve Digital, a Pittsburgh-based systems integrator and Riedel partner for nearly 10 years, has deployed the company's cutting-edge intercom and communications solutions across Pittsburgh's three major sports venues: PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates; PPG Paints Arena, home of the Pittsburgh Penguins; and Acrisure Stadium, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

IBC2024 Unveils Conference Line-up of Keynotes and Sessions Tackling Critical Media Challenges (IBC)

Features thought leaders from Apple, BBC Studios, beIN Media Group, Channel 4, Fremantle, ITV, NBC Sports, Orange, Paramount Global, Prime Video & Amazon MGM Studios, Sky, Olympic Channel, Tubi, and Virgin Media O2

Offers exclusive access to presentations on IBC Technical Papers, showcasing original research that addresses real-world industry challenges

Moves to new space within the RAI that includes two theatres and an exclusive Delegate Lounge open to all Conference attendees

Harmonic Unleashes Fiber Broadband Innovation at Fiber Connect 2024 (Harmonic)

Harmonic to Showcase Versatile Fiber Solutions That Simplify Deployments and Generate Savings for Service Providers 

Riedel Communications Powers ATK Versacom's Live Production at International Esports Championship (Riedel)

Riedel Communications today announced that ATK Versacom, a Clair Global brand, has used a comprehensive suite of Riedel solutions to ensure seamless production and broadcast of an annual worldwide esports championship.

IBC2024 Spotlight: Innovations in Broadcast Technology and Storytelling (IBC)

 This week, we explore advances in 3D volumetric capture, requiring broadcast professionals to blend creative storytelling with technical skills for new VR, AR, VP, and MR interactions. 

Riedel Intercom Systems Enhance Communications Across Baluarte Conference Center and Auditorium of Navarra (Riedel)

 Riedel Communications today announced that the Baluarte Conference Center and Auditorium of Navarra, one of Spain's premier venues for congresses, exhibitions, and performances, has successfully implemented Riedel's Artist intercom ecosystem, Bolero wireless intercom, and IP-based SmartPanels to enhance communication across its expansive 64,000-square-meter facility.

Bridge Technologies Enhances MicroBursting Analysis for its Probes (Bridge Technologies)

Unique Analytics to identify bursty network behaviour in IP broadcast transmissions

Ready, Set, Register! The 2024 SMPTE Media Technology Summit is Open for Business! (IBC)

SMPTE is proud to present the 2024 Media Technology Summit in Hollywood, California, and we want you to be part of the action! From October 21 – 24 in the Ray Dolby Ovation Hollywood, the greatest minds in media technology will gather together to provide solutions to industry issues, give presentations on new technologies, and reconnect with their peers. SMPTE is evolving and this year’s Summit reflects that. Check out what's new!

IBC2024 Spotlight: Innovation, Talent & Growth Take Centre Stage! (IBC)

The countdown to IBC2024 is on, and this week's newsletter is packed with news designed to fuel your excitement for the industry's biggest event!

44p Selects Harmonic for Efficient UHD Playout, Media Processing and Distribution (Harmonic)

Harmonic today announced that 44p, a Germany-based media production company, is elevating its UHD playout, media processing and distribution with Harmonic's XOS Advanced Media Processor. 

Art'istic Production Transforms Live Event Broadcasting With Riedel Communications' Simplylive Production Suite (Riedel)

Riedel Communications today announced that Art'istic Production, a French-based video production and live broadcasting services company, has chosen the Simplylive Production Suite for its ability to simplify live production workflows. 

Pro Tools 2024.6 Released! (HHB)

 This is a feature packed release from Avid and is not to be missed. With ARA 2 support for plugins from iZotope, SyncroArts, and Sound Radix. 

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FOR-A Showcases Software-Defined IP Solutions and Hybrid Production at IBC2024

Stand 2.B50, IBC2024, Amsterdam, 13-16 September 2024

Cinegy Brings Cloud Monetization and Delivery, AI-powered Subtitling and IP failover to IBC2024

Hall 7, Stand A01, IBC, Amsterdam, 13-16 September 2024

nxtedition unveils XR/mixed reality studio control and new AI automation capabilities at IBC2024

Stand 7.A02, IBC2024, RAI Amsterdam, 13 – 16 September 2024

Broadpeak Brings Dynamic Ad Insertion Innovations and New Video Streaming Solutions to IBC2024

Viaccess-Orca IBC 2024 Exhibitor Preview

 IBC2024 Exhibitor Preview Sept. 13-16 Amsterdam Stand 1.A51 

WorldDAB News

Calrec IBC Preview 2024 Stand: 8.C47

WRC Promoter Chooses Moments Lab to Drive Innovation in Media Management and Fan Engagement

Interra Systems to Present Company's Cutting-Edge Media QC, Monitoring, and Analysis Solutions at IBC2024


Visit us in Hall 7, at Stand 7.C19

SipRadius Redefines Intercom with SipVault for Secure Remote Production Teams

Stand 5.F43, IBC2024, Amsterdam, 13-16 September 2024

Lawo Delivers Impeccable Audio for Bastille Day Concert de Paris

Recent Appointments

Imagine Communications Names Don Durand SVP Global Sales, Ad Tech
Advanced Systems Group Appoints Andy Wiswell as Production Technology Ambassador
24i Names Sebastian Braun as Chief Executive Officer
EVS Strengthens Leadership Team to Drive Profitable and Sustainable Growth
Triveni Digital Appoints New Sales Director for APAC

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The Glitz, Hopes, Promises, Questions Were Back at CES 2024 24-Jan-24


Opening Day – This year, Gary Shapiro, CEO of CTA, marked the 100th anniversary of the organization and the opening to a product/information-packed CES 2024.

After all these years, it’s great to get through the holidays and make our annual trek to Las Vegas to see what’s new, what’s exciting and what the **** were they thinking with their techie offerings.

Gary Shapiro, CEO of CTA (Consumer Technology Association) has been opening the CES show and gives folks an idea of what they’ll see and miss during the four-day event spread across 2.5M square feet of exhibit space.

 It’s impossible for th3 130,000 plus attendees to catch all of the business/industry/government keynotes/panel sessions and still have time to visit anything more than a sampling of the 4,000 plus exhibitors, including about 1,200 start-ups that hope to be discovered and sell their stuff or their company. 

AI was in every product, service, promise we saw this year, along with a lot of cool and not so cool products.

AI - A Very Useful Video Entertainment Tool Kit 24-Jan-24


Hero image – “A.I. Artificial Intelligence,” Warner Brothers

To the logical conclusion… that Blue Fairy is part of the great human flaw to wish for things that don’t exist, or to the greatest single human gift – the ability to chase down our dreams.” — Professor Hobby, “A.I. Artificial Intelligence,” Warner Bros., 2001

Money has been important in the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike– and you name it strike; but that’s a discussion for a later discussion.

Money was a skirmish … the long-term battle/discussion is intuitive/generative AI and the benefits it is going to deliver for studios, creators, audiences.

It’s the pitch all of the AI experts – Greg Brockman (OpenAI), Clement Delangue (Hugging Face), Sundar Pichai (Alphabet/Google), Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Aidan Gomez (Cohere) and hundreds of other VC-funded start-ups around the globe – have given that resonate with bosses … better, faster, cheaper products, services, solutions.

Even Elon Musk, who is an expert in just everything, is in the mix to deliver the definitive AI solution.

At the same time, they’re releasing and promoting the brave new world, 350 experts (including the above) issued a joint statement, “Mitigating the risk of extinction from A.I., should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.”

Oh, that’s freakin’ great!

First of all, these better solutions are built on algorithms – a process/set of rules to be followed in problem solving operations by a computer.

Okay, that’s the basic premise and they seem to do what you expect them to do … sorta, kinda.

But have you ever written out the objectives/goals of the algorithms you’ve used?

Have you ever written/coded your own algorithm?

We haven’t either but then we don’t understand how to build/fly a plane. We’re comfortable that others did/do their jobs properly.

However, AI is a whole different thing because … we’ve seen the movies! 200l: A Space odyssey, Colossus, Westworld, Alien, Blade Runner, War Games, Star Trek, Ghost in the Shell, Matrix, Resident Evil, M3gan, MI: DR and probably 100s created/produced around the globe.

While it’s not technically about AI, we also viewed/enjoyed the start of it all, Metropolis, with Maria’s robot double. Gotta’ tell you, not once did things end up well for the characters that breath, eat, sleep, love/hate, desire/feel.

2024 Has a World of Potential for the Industry 02-Jan-24

“Without the burden of memories, we're a clean slate, we can have a fresh start. Nobody can tell you who you are but you yourself. This world is created by our thoughts. The rules are different here.” – Yan, “Coma,” Big Sky Films, 2019

Don’t know how to tell you but this was not the year we looked forward to this time last year.

Yes, 2020 was close to being a complete disaster, but most of us made it through with bare bones sanity.

2021/22 was all about shaping things up, getting a handle on what the new normal was going to be and getting ready for a year that would knock our socks off.

This was the year that was going to rock!

Okay, the year wasn’t BAD but it was just bad enough to seismically change the course of most of the industry’s plans and goals.

So, let’s see what tomorrow has in store for us.

First, let us clarify our position at the outset … we like to make our own mistakes so, AI? 

No freakin’ way!

After all, we’ve never seen an AI movie that ended well.

However, it’s here/coming, especially in the film/show industry.

It’s going to save time, money,and improve the product.  Just ask the “experts.”

Everyone wants their piece of the action, even though few can describe it other than it’s going to be great.

Dive in … what could possibly go wrong?

Just Business - Entertainment works best when it is professional 02-Oct-23


“Cause he's got everything workin' for 'im: timing, touch. It's a great feeling, boy, it's a real great feeling when you're right and you KNOW you're right.” – Fast Eddie, The Hustler, Rossen Films, 1961

We really thought 2023 was going to be the new normal.You know folks going back to work in new ways – some remote, some at the office, things being done in new, different even interesting ways and stuff getting done. The economy in the U.S. and most industrialized countries had stabilized and even improved (slightly, 2.9 percent) even though not as good as 2022 (3.3 percent) and signs are it will slow again next year because of high inflation and tighter money policies. But ordinary folks didn’t care about that because they were still trying to dig out of the pandemic years which put them even further behind. People in the U.S.  entertainment industry has been slightly bothered by that and this was the year they said BS we need to get paid equitably for our creative work – all of it.