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Merging Insider Newsletter

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 Remote Sports Production Enabled By Merging Technologies

The introduction of IP technology is having a profound impact on how major events are managed and provides opportunities for significant improvements in efficiency with a reduction in hardware needing to be shipped to the venue.

This program of change was ongoing before COVID-19 added to the momentum. Initially, with major sporting events all being cancelled, it might be assumed that the rate of change would have slowed. The need for social distancing at all stages of the broadcast chain further emphasised the need to reduce the crew travelling to the event, but still provide the capacity for local commentaries and programming.

The recent Grand Slam tennis events in New York and Paris saw the Eurosport Cube introduced, accompanied by some major changes in the technical solutions employed. One of these was addition of auto-mixing from LAMA (Lean And Mean Audio) working with Virtual Machines which requires an ASIO driver that can synchronise all audio machines with low latency. This system depends on additional hardware and some software from Merging Technologies.

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New Anubis Firmware And Hotfix Versions Released

We have released a new firmware for Anubis devices and Hotfix versions for Pyramix 25th Anniversary edition,  Ovation 9 & VCube 9.

MERGING+ANUBIS Shortlisted For IABM Awards & SOS Awards

We are proud to have Anubis SPS shortlisted for the IABM Awards and Anubis for the Sound On Sound Awards.
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Pyramix 25th Anniversary edition nominated for a Resolution Magazine Award & TEC Award

We are also delighted to have Pyramix 25th Anniversary edition nominated for a Resolution Magazine Award in the DAW/Software Suite category and for a TEC Award in the Workstation Technology/Recording Devices section.
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Flux:: Black Friday Special Offer

Our partner FLUX:: has a Black Friday Special offer for their VST plugins, and Merging is offering 50% discount on Flux VS3 Plug ins from November 13th to December 13th.
Contact FLUX:: for the 
VST promo or your Merging Sales Partner for the offer on FLUX:: VS3 plugins discount.

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High resolution news from the Swiss audio experts


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Merging provides the RAVENNA/AES67 solution for the new studio facility

Given a reputation for producing award winning products and with a majority of employees being keen musicians, setting up a recording facility in the new headquarters in Cambridge, MA was a serious endeavour.  To support its purpose as both a testing facility and as a not-for-profit recording and mastering studio, careful equipment choice was paramount.   That task fell to iZotope’s Chief Engineer and Education Director, Jonathan Wyner and renowned acoustician, Francis Manzella.  Critical components in the listening chain are the mic pres and the A/D and D/A converters. The final choice was Merging’s Horus Networked Converters partnered with PMC monitors, Avid S3 EUCON Controllers with an IHSE Draco Tera KVM Matrix, Dangerous Audio compressors and Grace Monitor Controllers. 

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The Merging Insider newsletter is a collection of all the goings on each month from our office, located in the Swiss countryside. Find out more about what is happening with our product development, see details on users worldwide working with our equipment and generally keep on top of all that is happening.

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