Monthly news from Merging Technologies

Monthly news from Merging Technologies

Merging Technologies 30th anniversary & Pyramix 25th anniversary release

This year we are celebrating Merging Technologies 30th anniversary!

There is also another significant milestone. Twenty-five years ago, the first Pyramix version was launched.

We want to thank all of you for joining us on this adventure and we are looking forward to even greater success in the future.

We proudly announce the official release of major new versions for all of our software range: Pyramix 25th Anniversary Edition, Ovation 9 and VCube 9.

The new ANEMAN 1.2.3 version comes along with those releases.

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Chossy Pratama from Promidi Studios in Jakarta is wishing Merging a Happy Birthday


We received messages via e-mail or the phone to wish us Happy Birthday and we have been very pleased and moved by those.

But we didn’t receive until last week wishes on a video. Therefore, we are very happy to share it with you and hereby thank again Chossy for his kind wishes.

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Merging Anubis - Audio interface that does it all


Check out this brand new glowing review by Streaky and find out why you should add Anubis, the "audio interface that does it all" to your studio!

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Merging Anubis SPS gains ST 2022-7 compliance

The MERGING+ANUBIS SPS is now shipping with full ST 2022-7 compliance. The enhancements to the compact AD/DA interface were developed in a matter of months despite the additional challenge of sourcing components and dealing with global lockdowns in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Merging Anubis SPS promo video

Much more than just another AD/DA converter, Anubis SPS is a complete RAVENNA/AES67, ST 2110 and ST 2022-7-compliant audio interface boasting NMOS device discovery and control. The original concept was for a low-cost, extremely high-quality interface that would be equally at home in a studio, post-production suite, or similar environment where a redundant network topology wouldn’t be present – now we see an interface that has been adapted to fulfil different future roles tailored through software.

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Merging Webinar: ANEMAN, your virtual patch for Merging products. How to use it ?

ANEMAN is the tool that helps you to connect your hardware device such as Anubis, Hapi or Horus to your DAW. It is your patch bay on which you can create “logical zones” or “sample rate zones” to structure the requirements for every studio or room. How to save and recall such configurations and much more. It will be based on a Q&A webinar where Dennis Gaines from Independent Audiowill ask questions that he gets asked regularly, nevertheless, you may ask your own via the chat

September 25th

Timing :

Europe CET 4PM


US East Coast 10 AM

US West Coast 7 AM

Length approx. 45 minutes

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High resolution news from the Swiss audio expertsMerging Insider Newsletterread more


High resolution news from the Swiss audio experts


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Merging provides the RAVENNA/AES67 solution for the new studio facility

Given a reputation for producing award winning products and with a majority of employees being keen musicians, setting up a recording facility in the new headquarters in Cambridge, MA was a serious endeavour.  To support its purpose as both a testing facility and as a not-for-profit recording and mastering studio, careful equipment choice was paramount.   That task fell to iZotope’s Chief Engineer and Education Director, Jonathan Wyner and renowned acoustician, Francis Manzella.  Critical components in the listening chain are the mic pres and the A/D and D/A converters. The final choice was Merging’s Horus Networked Converters partnered with PMC monitors, Avid S3 EUCON Controllers with an IHSE Draco Tera KVM Matrix, Dangerous Audio compressors and Grace Monitor Controllers. 

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