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Merging Insider Newsletter

 Ulrike Schwarz and Jim Anderson Anderson Audio, New York,  RAVENNA 2020 Webinar Series and more

Ulrike Schwarz and Jim Anderson
 Anderson Audio, New York

There is nothing more satisfying for a manufacturer of audio equipment than to collaborate at a live event with distinguished users of its equipment. The occasion of the High End Munich show of 2019 became a great example, as we not only got to preview a remarkable album and get to hear about how it was made, we also got to meet a very distinguished musician who ended up participating in a live listening session in the large surround demonstration room. There has been a remarkable change in the world since then and the 2020 Munich event was cancelled along with almost all the trade shows and live events for the remainder of the year. The more remarkable aspect of the COVID-19 global lockdown has been that many recording projects have still continued and perhaps the quality of the “home studio” has improved beyond all measure. The same holds true for the remarkable Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz. 

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Merging Webinar Series - Anubis SPS

Anubis is the perfect audio solution without latency; converter, mixer and monitoring device on location, while the audio is sent/received via ST2110. With 2 high quality MIC input and 2 headphones connectors (total 4 analog in 8 analog out) it is the perfect companion for the journalist/commentator or the remote guest all remote controllable via a web app.

 And stay tuned for more webinars to come with topics on Anubis, ANEMAN, PanNoir, Ambisonics, Dolby Atmos, and upcoming new products!

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RAVENNA 2020 Webinar Series

You are invited to join us in a series of networking technology webinars staged by the RAVENNA team and partners. During the COVID-19 outbreak, RAVENNA is increasing its educational output and is staging a series of educational webinars with partners.  

 TUESDAY, JULY 7TH AT 15:00 CEST (14:00 BST, 9:00 EDT)


This session will be different - instead of a "traditional" webinar this will be a unique round-table discussion with an all-star team of industry experts: on the panel will be Andreas Hildebrand, RAVENNA Evangelist from ALC Networx, Claude Cellier, CEO from Merging Technologies, Claudio Becker-Foss, CTO from DirectOut, Daniel Boldt, Head of Software Development from Meinberg and special guest Terry Holton, Chairman of the AIMS Alliance Technical Audio Workgroup. The session will be moderated by Roland Hemming from RH Consulting.

As an attendee, you will have the chance to participate in the discussion and ask any question about Audio-over-IP. Whether it's about the market, standards, technical questions or about the future, our expert team is there to help. RAVENNA, AES67, SMPTE ST 2110 and general Audio-over-IP topics are all covered. Don’t be shy, ask away! You can even send your question in advance to ensure having it included in the discussion: just send an email with "ask the experts" in the subject line to

 This session will run for 60 minutes and is a must for engineers, system designers, solution architects, decision makers and anyone interested in Audio-over-IP in general. 

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Colloque virtuel AES - SAE - Merging Technologies:
 Production multipistes audio & vidéo en plein confinement

Un colloque virtuel a été organisé par la SAE Institute Paris et l'AES France, en partenariat avec Merging Technologies.

Case Study : le Boléro de Ravel interprété par l’Orchestre national de France. Gestion et outils utilisés.

Les productions musicales de tout style qui réunissent plusieurs musiciens seront certainement produite de manière différente dû à l’impossibilité de réunir un nombre de personnes important dans une même salle ou studio.

Dimitri Scapolan de Radio France nous explique comment il a réussi à produire le fameux 
Boléro de Ravel avec des musiciens(nes) jouant à distance. De l'idée à la production finale avec les outils utilisés (Pyramix + Adobe Premiere). La qualité est bluffante en sachant que des smartphones ont été utilisés comme source sonore.

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MAAT - Pyramix Summer Promo

MAAT is announcing a limited time discount program for the month of July. Enjoy big savings on MAAT products.

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 The MAAT Collection — Peerless Performance On Sale!

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High resolution news from the Swiss audio expertsMerging Insider Newsletterread more


High resolution news from the Swiss audio experts


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Merging provides the RAVENNA/AES67 solution for the new studio facility

Given a reputation for producing award winning products and with a majority of employees being keen musicians, setting up a recording facility in the new headquarters in Cambridge, MA was a serious endeavour.  To support its purpose as both a testing facility and as a not-for-profit recording and mastering studio, careful equipment choice was paramount.   That task fell to iZotope’s Chief Engineer and Education Director, Jonathan Wyner and renowned acoustician, Francis Manzella.  Critical components in the listening chain are the mic pres and the A/D and D/A converters. The final choice was Merging’s Horus Networked Converters partnered with PMC monitors, Avid S3 EUCON Controllers with an IHSE Draco Tera KVM Matrix, Dangerous Audio compressors and Grace Monitor Controllers. 

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