SegevSport is a real-time graphics service provider based in Israel, utilising data to create on-air graphics for sports, election coverage, game shows, news and any other broadcast program requiring graphics driven by data. 

As they provide a service rather than a product, SegevSport operators travel around the world to work with the local broadcasters for each live event.

SegevSport were looking to update their mobile production kits with a solution that would be both practical for their travelling staff and meet their requirements for quality and reliability. As SegevSport had been integrating their SportsArt software with Vizrt’s Viz Engine renderer for many years, it was vital that any new hardware upgrade retain compatibility with the Viz engine and improve the efficiency of their sports graphics workflow.

They decided to purchase Thunderbolt-compatible i7 laptops with NVIDIA GPUs, along with Sonnet’s Echo Express SE 1 Thunderbolt 3 external chassis’, with the final and most important component being an SDI video I/O card that would integrate with the Sonnet chassis, and interface with Viz Engine

Avshi Segev, CEO of SegevSport, has known Bluefish444 for some time, and having used Bluefish competitor products for some years with the Viz Engine, wanted to give Bluefish a go. Avshi decided on the Epoch | 4K Supernova S+ to integrate into their workflow, and after some initial testing, found that it worked well as a Thunderbolt-compatible SDI I/O device in their Sonnet chassis’, and it integrated seamlessly with their Viz Engine licences.

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