High resolution news from the Swiss audio expertsMerging Insider Newsletter

High resolution news from the Swiss audio experts

The Merging Insider newsletter is a collection of all the goings on each month from our office, located in the Swiss countryside. Find out more about what is happening with our product development, see details on users worldwide working with our equipment and generally keep on top of all that is happening.

Time to Vote for the TEC Awards!

We are proud to announce that two of our products have been nominated for the NAMM TEC Awards. Anubis appears in the list for Outstanding Technical Achievement in the Computer Audio Hardware category. Pyramix 12 is nominated in the Workstation Technology/Recording Devices section. Nominations are the first step but there is always a vote that follows and we have stiff competition in both categories.

More and more people are discovering how the unique features of Anubis are revolutionising their workflow in recording, broadcast, gaming and live events. Outstanding audio quality is something you expect from Merging, but there is so much more to this product that it makes it difficult to summarise.

Pyramix 12 is as old in concept as many of the other nominees, but it is now embracing immersive audio without losing its reputation as the best editing software with the only practical workflow for high-end formats like DSD and DXD.  Pyramix remains the essential tool of choice for so many of the world’s leading recording and mastering engineers.

If you are actively involved as a professional in our industry, you can vote for these products by visiting the NAMM TEC voting page. We will be extremely flattered and very grateful for your support.

Vote Now!

New Anubis Video Tutorial

New videos of the Anubis tutorials series by Domenic Sabol (Tympanic Media/USA) are available on our YouTube channel.

Anubis Tutorials:

Video 1 - MERGING+ANUBIS: Unboxing, connecting and firmware updating

Video 2 - MERGING+ANUBIS: Connecting your DAW (Mac/Win) with ANEMAN

Video 2 - MERGING+ANUBIS: Mic Pre-Amps Overview and Controls

All documentation & installers for Anubis are available on our website, and additional information can be found in the Anubis knowledge base.

Conference on 3D Audio @ SAE Institute Paris

The SAE institute in Paris organized this month a conference on the subject of 3D audio recording and production, with participation of DPA Microphones and Merging. Maurice Engler was presenting Pyramix 12 and it's 3D audio capabilities.

Inter BEE 2019

The 19th Inter BEE for Merging is just over. We would like to thank Yanase-San, our long time sales partner from DSPJapan for organizing this event. Dominique Brulhart, Merging's head software engineer was present on the booth.

Customers Demos & Training

Dennis from Independent Audio and Maurice from Merging toured USA west coast to show Anubis in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

All were intrigued and pleased with the multiple functionalities that Anubis can achieve in such a handy device.

The tour started in LA with Dolby, Vintage King, Pro Audio LA, Wisdome, USC and was followed by San Francisco bay area with Coast Mastering, ASG, SF Opera , Skywalker and MSG. Maurice continued towards Vancouver for presentations with HHB Canada and ended up next to Syracuse NY with Darcy Poper and Ronald Prent in their new facility. See our Instagram feed for pictures of these visits.

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