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The Merging Insider newsletter is a collection of all the goings on each month from our office, located in the Swiss countryside. Find out more about what is happening with our product development, see details on users worldwide working with our equipment and generally keep on top of all that is happening.

Anubis @ AES NY

The AES convention in New York was very busy with a lot of interest in our latest products. That is particularly true about our latest Universal Monitoring weapon, the Anubis, which was amongst the key focus of many passionate discussions as a key enabler to many novel applications and use cases. Here is a video by Sound On Sound magazine of Claude Cellier, Merging CEO, presenting MERGING+ANUBIS on the very last day of the show after three days of dense and voice-exhausting meetings. Watch Video

Anubis & Pyramix 12 nominated for NAMM TEC Awards 2020

Merging Technologies is very proud to be nominated for two NAMM TEC Awards 2020, technical category, for Anubis and for Pyramix 12 Technical Nominees List

When Failure Is Not An Option

National days and major sporting events are often driven by Merging products, but when China celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the Peoples’ Republic, you can be sure that it will be on a grand scale. Add a cast of more than 100,000, a TV broadcast to a significant proportion of the 1.4 billion Chinese and the presence of President Xi Jinping, some past Presidents and all the government officials and the stakes become higher. The consequences of any interruption to the military precision of the parade would be daunting indeed. The fact that it not only worked perfectly live, but has also been hailed as the best sound ever produced for a live broadcast, has much to do with the top team of audio experts assembled to manage the event and the quantity and quality of the Merging equipment used in this remarkable production. Read More

Learning Anubis

Adam Brass from Parsons Audio, Merging dealer in the US, comments on learning Anubis: "My head is tingling, but I’m not sure if it’s because I’m dizzy from what you can do with the full Merging Pyramix, Hapi, Anubis ecosystem, or if it is because of the sound I’m getting with all this gear. Probably both. I’m still learning Anubis. It’s challenging me. But so worthwhile." And some hours later: "Great session today!!! Merging Technologies Pyramix, Hapi, Anubis and Aneman overload!".

Anubis Video Tutorial

Domenic Sabol Chief Engineer from Tympanic Media/USA continues the Merging Technologies tutorials series. This first tutorial covers unboxing of MERGING+ANUBIS, connections and firmware updating. Watch Video

New Firmware Versions Released

Merging Technologies is pleased to inform you that we have released new firmware for Horus, Hapi and MERGING+ANUBIS. The new Horus/Hapi firmware includes: Improved reliability Synchronization improvements (PTP and Video) Reduced screensaver (black) time for the Hapi, from 3 minutes to 1 minute to further preserve OLED life Important: The Merging team have also reproduced and identified the root cause of occasional audio drop issues experienced by a few users on MassCore and Mac/Core Audio systems. While our Development and QA teams are currently trying to identify if those issues relate to the PC system configuration, OS evolution or the software, we've excluded the firmware to be part of this equation, so we recommend you anyhow already safely upgrade to the above new firmware versions. Merging has worked hard over the past weeks and is about to release fixes (first for Pyramix MassCore and second for our Mac Core Audio VAD) once feedback from our Beta tester community confirms zero remaining issues. Note: Horus and Hapi users must first update to the new Maintenance Mode (46) before updating the new firmware. This issue does not apply to our RAVENNA ASIO users. The new Anubis firmware brings in the following: GPIO support Web Access improvements: Presets Support Source and Monitor renaming User Manual embedded Debug Report Generation Talkback Improvements Link to Speaker Set Dim option GPIO Talkback features Talkback configuration improvements Anubis PTP Slave lock performance improvement Bugs fixes, listed in the Anubis Release Notes For more details refer to the Anubis Release Notes and latest Anubis User Manual, both available in the Anubis download section. We highly recommend that you regularly consult our Anubis download section in order to benefit from the latest developments, whether is it for Drivers, Software or Firmware updates in relation to Anubis. Important: updating to the new firmware will require the user to re-enter the Output Channels Delay values if previously preset. Note: We no longer automatically enter the Source or Monitor configuration page after their creation Note: Anubis users must use the ANEMAN v1.2 or above in order to manage their IO connections. Downloads: All latest firmware versions, release notes, user manuals & drivers are available on the Merging website

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