There is a New Creative Power in Town

Source - “Jessica Jones, Marvel”

“A big part of the job is looking for the worst in people.  Turns out I excel at that.” Jessica Jones, “Jessica Jones, Marvel,” 2019

Gawd, we love this industry. 

It adjusts/progresses/moves forward so smoothly … not!

For two years, people – not organizations, people – figured out ways to create good content to entertain people, giving them momentary relief from “the real world.”

For the past oh six months, some of the people in the US who do the work have been standing on the sideline saying they want better say/pay in their efforts and that they have “some” concerns about the new invisible worker in the room – generative AI.

Movie houses clamor to return to the days of the past when people saw the film first on the giant screen even as regular folks showed increasingly they maybe, sorta, kinda, oh heck no weren’t willing to pay more – even though ticket sales were slowly dropping since 2002 according to The

Numbers – but when the cushioned seats, costly concessions where introduced to watch more thrills the tickets have been creeping back up.

To give the US film industry an added “incentive” to show their stuff at theaters first AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) made a new rule that if you wanted your project to have a snow ball’s chance of being considered for an Oscar, you had to show it at major theaters in select markets for a specific amount of time.

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TIE2023 Conference 28/29 Sept Magdalene College, Cambridge 25-Sep-23

TIE2023 links innovation, enterprise, technology & education, with a full programme of brilliant keynotes, expert speakers, and 'tech brief' presentations with hands-on demo's in areas like virtual production, multidimensional arts, AI-originated music, video gamification and more. 


Consumers Finding Their Own Entertainment Bundle Is Better

“I'd think you money-hungry sons of b****es would at least be good at math.” – Mike Williams, “Deepwater Horizon,” Summit Entertainment, 2016

When something needs to be fixed in our home we go out to the garage, grab our toolbox, take out the credit card and call someone to handle it.

My wife and kids will tell you I’m an OK husband/father but as a handyman … we suck.

So, when we said we were tired of searching everywhere for seemingly hours on end to find a movie or show we wanted to stream and proclaimed we were going to build our own viewing bundle – you know, like the $200+ cable bundle we left behind – they were skeptical … actually, they laughed at me

First, let us make it perfectly clear that we wouldn’t have had to embark on this undertaking if the streaming services had all gotten together and simply said, “O.K., let’s do something really weird … make it easy for the customer to find her/his entertainment, regardless.”

They did, they didn’t.

Disney came up with this fantastic bundle – Disney+, Hulu, ESPN.  WBD countered with the Max bundle – HBO, Discovery, Warmer Bros, sorry no TNT, CNN, Turner Sports … yet.  Paramount+ threw in Showtime.

Amazon has its bundle – Prime TV plus MGM+ so they’re good to go.

Netflix and Apple TV said we’ll pass for now while no one wanted to talk with Peacock.

The rest of the 200+ broad and niche players in the market?  They stuck close to home.

The big problem was that they were all their bundles.

Okay, so let’s assume a few of them really thought about the viewer rather than their shareholder and joined into a common bundle without a big bump in cost--let’s say Disney, Netflix, Apple … killer.

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Riedel Collaborates With Nova on Award-Winning Facility Dedicated to State-of-the-Art Broadcast Production (Riedel)

 Riedel Communications has announced its collaboration with Nova Broadcasting Group, part of the United Group, to design a new facility dedicated to broadcast television and radio production.

Riedel's Simplylive Production Suite Enables EMG Italy to Run 1,500 Annual Live Events Remotely (Riedel)

 EMG Italy utilises Riedel's Simplylive Production Suite in its unique broadcast center dedicated to Italy's most important sports broadcasters and media producers.

Riedel's Artist-1024 and Bolero on Stage at Bavarian State Opera (Riedel)

 Bayerische Staatsoper, the renowned Bavarian State Opera has replaced a variety of radio communications systems with an Artist-1024 digital matrix intercom system and Bolero wireless intercom system.

AMP VISUAL TV Expands OB Van Fleet Built on Riedel Technology (Riedel)

 Along With Artist and Bolero Intercom Systems, MediorNet Real-Time Network Augments Flexibility, Scalability, and Resilience During Live Production

Riedel Unveils MediorNet HorizoN at IBC2023 (Riedel)

New Hybrid Processing Platform Blurs the Boundary Between SDI and IP  

Harmonic Brings Innovative Playout Capabilities to its Market-Leading XOS Advanced Media Processor (Harmonic)

 Advanced Playout on Software-Based XOS Processor Enables Cost-Effective Video Streaming, Distribution and Broadcast Workflows 

Harmonic Brings Cutting-Edge AI Innovations to IBC2023 (Harmonic)

Strategic Integrations with Microsoft OpenAI Service, Mirriad, Spideo, Leankr, and Kebula Drive AI-Augmented Video Streaming 

Harmonic Enables Best-of-Breed Ad Tech with Google and Equativ (Harmonic)

Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT) today announced that it is expanding its targeted advertising ecosystem through strategic partnerships with industry-leading ad tech platforms Google Ad Manager and Equativ. 

ViewLift Streams Motorsport Event at Scale with Harmonic (Harmonic)

 Harmonic's VOS360 Media SaaS Offers Unparalleled Scalability, Low Latency, and Targeted Ad Delivery for Video Streaming 

Riedel Appoints Technical Sales Leader Costa Nikols as Vice President of Sales Enablement (Riedel)

 Riedel Communications today announced that Costa Nikols has joined the company as vice president of sales enablement for the global team. 

L2tek at IBC2023 Hall 11 Stand B.06 (L2TEK)

L2tek are once again exhibiting at IBC along with our key suppliers and we're looking forward to meeting with you. On the stand we will have live demonstrations of OEM technologies for the distribution and processing of broadcast video. Below is a quick run through of what we're showing.

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Perry Littman Wins 2024 Chyron Designer of the Year  

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TCCF PITCHING Attracts a Record-Breaking Number of Entries with Cash Prizes Exceeding $150,000 USD

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EVS Deputy CPO honored with Corporate Star Award in Best ESG Leader category

Carbonite Ultra 60 UHD with new TouchDrive Controls

Chyron Returns to IBC 2023 With Focus on Cloud, AI, Data, and Design

Harmonic Unveils Major Operational and Performance Enhancements for VOS Media Software

Harmonic's Cloud-Native Software Offers Up to 40% Improved Origin Performance for Video Streaming 

Weve got you covered. AI. OTT. Biz Dev + more!

The obsession is real. Thousands of content economy professionals come to NAB Show New York for knowledge, to really get an edge. 

Recent Appointments

IABM appoints Jerry Gepner as CEO
Imagine Communications Names Frank Deo as Chief Technology Officer, Ad Tech
Cinegy appoints Sergio Alekseev to its Sales Division
Stuart Russell Joins Limecraft as Head of Marketing
Chyron Names Alain Polgar Senior Vice President of Sales for EMEA and APAC Regions

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Trucks, cars run on data highlighted at August FMS conference 10-Jul-23

FMS (Flash Memory Summit) 2023 conference will highlight the transition of the transportation industry from internal combustion to electric power and ultimately autonomous vehicles. Registration is now open at www.flashmemorysummit.com to be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, August 8 10, 2023.

BBFC announces collaboration with Amazon Web Services on AI project 19-Jun-23

  • Groundbreaking project exploring the power of AI solutions in content classification.
  • Combining over 110 years of the BBFC’s classification experience with AI technology.
  • Building scalable solutions to support the film industry, with human expertise at the centre.
  • In line with the BBFC’s core mission of helping UK audiences choose the content that’s right for them.
  • Funding grant received from Innovate UK, the Government’s national innovation agency.

All 'No Film School's' NAB 2023 Coverage in One Place 18-Apr-23

NAB is a whirlwind of an event that has so much to cover, and we don't want you to miss a thing!

We're excited to return to Las Vegas again to check out what our favorite companies are revealing at NAB 2023. This is a huge event that impacts filmmakers at every level and reaches every corner of media, entertainment, and technology. We are all learning together about new ways to capture, create, and work with new AI tools to make our projects the best they can be.

We want to make sure that you are able to find our NAB coverage as it goes live, so we've created this post to help you navigate all of the latest announcements, drops, and updates. Check out all our articles, videos, and podcasts below!

This post will be updated throughout the event, so be sure to bookmark the page and come back for all the freshest tech news.

With So Much Noise, NAB Media Coverage Should Be the Beginning 11-Apr-23

“Now you're looking for the secret. But you won't find it because, of course, you're not really looking. You don't really want to work it out. You want to be fooled.” Cutter, “The Prestige,” Touchstone Productions, 2006

With everyone trying to figure out what the M&E industry will look like in the years ahead, this year’s NAB should be the most exciting, most chaotic event in the show’s 100 years.  

After our recent break, the show schedule is packed with industry game changing sessions, discussions and opportunities for exhibitors and their management to show they will play an important part in the everchanging content development, production/distribution and delivery industry.